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RFP MC-1904-205_Environmental Consulting Services














RFP MC-1811-201 McBride Slough Pipe Alternatives_Addendum No. 1

RFP MC-1811-201_McBride Slough Pipe Alternatives


RFP SD-1808-081_Notice of Intent to Negotiate and Award

RFP SD-1808-081 Opening Tab

RFP SD-1808-081_Addendum No. 1

RFP SD-1808-081_Storm Drainage Master Plan Services

RFP SD-1808-081 Exhibit 1

RFP SD-1808-081 Exhibit 2

RFP SD-1808-081 Exhibit 3


Addendum No. 1_RFQ 001-2018_Pump Maintenance and Repair

RFQ 001-2018_Pump Maintenance and Repair


UPDATE: Notice of Intent to Award_On-Call Communications Consulting Services_03.26.18

Request for Proposals: Posted 2/23/18

UPDATE (3/9/18): Addendum 1_030918

Levee Ready Columbia On-Call Communications Consulting Services RFP

Due Date: 3/14/2018, 4pm to Brian Eberhardt,  


Invitation to Bid (2/15/18): Schmeer Road Pump Station Debris Grate & Walkway Improvements Construction Project

UPDATE: Notice of Award_033018

UPDATE: Notice of Intent to Award – 032318

UPDATE: Results and Responsive Bidder Form – 032218

UPDATE: Addendum 2 – 031518

UPDATE: Addendum 1 – 030918

Part 1: Solicitation Documents

Part 2: General Conditions

Part 3: Technical Specifications

Part 4: Construction Plans

Part 5: Supplementary Documents

Important Dates:

Mandatory Pre-Bid Conference: February 22, 2018 at 9:30am @ 1514 N Schmeer Rd, Portland, OR 97217

Pre-Qualification Due: March 8, 2018, 4pm

Pre-Bid Inquiry Cutoff: March 9, 2018, 4pm

Bid Due Date/Public Opening Extended: March 22, 2018, 2pm


Request for Proposals:  Posted 11/29/2017

UPDATE (2/02/2018): NOTICE OF AWARD – Murraysmith

UPDATE (1/26/2018): NOTICE OF INTENT TO AWARD – Murraysmith, Inc.

UPDATE: Questions & Answers – 12.12.17

UPDATE: ADDENDUM NO.1 – 12.12.17

RFP: On-Call Design Services Trash Rakes

Optional Pre-Proposal Meeting, December 7, 2017, at 9am. 1880 NE Elrod Drive, Portland, OR 97211

Due Date: 12/20/2017, 4pm to Brian Eberhardt,  






UPDATE: NOTICE OF AWARD – National Plant Services_120617

NOTICE OF INTENT TO AWARD – National Plant Services_112917

Request for Proposals: Posted 11/3/17


Due Date: 11/17/2017, 4pm to Brian Eberhardt,  


Notice of Intent to Award_11.17.17

Request for Proposals: MCDD – VIDEO CONFERENCE SYSTEM RFP – 09.11.17

Optional Pre-Proposal Meeting: 10/21/217, 10am at 1880 NE ELROD DRIVE, PORTLAND, OR, 97211

Due Date: 10/06/2017, 4pm to Brian Eberhardt,  


Request for Proposals (Qualifications Based Selection):

UPDATE: Notice of Award_CH2M_10.24.17

Notice of Intent to Award_CH2M_10.17.17 

Addendum 2 – Final_092717 – New Due Date

Addendum 1 – 090717 – New Deadline, Pre-Proposal Optional


Attachment D, Document A: 1948 MCDD PS 1 Drawings (Pages 1-10)

Attachment D, Document A: 1948 MCDD PS 1 Drawings (Pages 11-20)

Attachment D, Document B: 1997 MCDD PS 1 Drawings

Attachment E: Energy Trust Technical Analysis Study: Pumping Upgrades

New Due Date: 10/02/2017, 4pm to Brian Eberhardt,  


Columbia Corridor Joint Stormwater Infrastructure Facilitation RFP


NOTICE OF AWARD – Kearns and West – 091417

NOTICE OF INTENT TO AWARD – Kearns and West – 090717

ADDENDUM NO.1_051717

Questions & Answers – 5.17.17

Due: May 25, 4 pm (PST)


Invitation to Bid: Schmeer Rd Pump Station Debris Grate & Walkway Improvements Project (PEN 2)

UPDATE: Bid Cancellation_072117

UPDATE: Addendum 1_06.02.2017

UPDATE: Addendum 2_06.09.2017

Procurement Documents

General Conditions

Technical Specifications

Construction Plans

Supplementary Documents:

A – 1959 Revised As-Built Drawings

B – 1939 Design Drawings

C – 1999 Pump Station Improvements Drawings 

D – 2016 Geotechnical Investigation Report

E – 2016 Site Survey Drawings

Mandatory Pre-Bid Conference: May 30, 9am at 1514 N Schmeer Rd, Portland, OR 97217

Pre-Qualification Due: May 30, 4 pm (PST)

Bids Due: June 8, 4 pm (PST)


Request for Proposals:

Arborist and Vegetation Management Services

Option 1 (Aquatic) and 2 (Terrestrial): NOTICE OF AWARD: Mosaic Ecology – 04.21.2017

Option 2 (Terrestrial) and 3 (Arborist): NOTICE OF AWARD: Matt Stine (Nature Ecosystems NW, LLC) – 04.21.2017

Update (04.11.2017): Matt Stine (Native Ecosystems Northwest, LLC) was awarded contracts for: Options 2 (Terrestrial) and 3 (Arborist): NOTICE OF INTENT TO AWARD – Matt Stine – 04112017

Update (04.06.2017): Mosaic Ecology has been selected as one of the contractors for: Options 1 (Aquatic) and 2 (Terrestrial): NOTICE OF INTENT TO AWARD: Options 1 and 2 – Mosaic Ecology – 04062017

All Districts_RFP_Vegetation Management_FINAL

Due: 3/03/17, 4pm


Request for Proposals:

Video Production Services in MCDD, PEN 1, PEN 2, SDIC, and CCDDJCA.

Update (04.06.2017): NOTICE OF AWARD – Blue Chalk Media – 04062017

NOTICE OF INTENT TO AWARD – Blue Chalk Media – 03292017

Q&A and Addendum No. 1 – 2.21.2017

Questions and Answers – 2.21.17

ADDENDUM NO.1 – 2.21.2017

Video Production Services RFP

Due: 2/24/2017, 4pm


Formal Request for Proposals:

Drainage Master Plan Services in MCDD and PEN 2 

UPDATE (2/07/2017): Notice of Intent to Award: Brown and Caldwell

Notice of Intent to Award – Brown and Caldwell

UPDATE (12/16/2016): Q&A and Addendum 1 Posted!

Addendum 1

Questions and Answers

12/05/2016: Drainage Master Plan RFP – MCDD & PEN 2

Closes 12.22.2016 at 3pm.


Re-Posted Intermediate Request for Proposals:

11/03/2016: Notice of Intent to Award – Pro-Pipe

10/12/2016: Pipe Toe Drains Cleaning Inspection and PACP rating services RFP

Closed 10.25.2016 at 3pm.


Intermediate Request for Proposals:

Sandy Drainage Improvement Company (SDIC) Toe Drain Pipe Inspection, Cleaning, and Assessment Services.

10/11/2016: Withdrawal Notice and New Procurement Initiation Notice

9/07/16: questions-and-answers-9-7-2016

8/24/16: RFP – SDIC Toe Drains Inspections_FINAL

Closed 9.09.2016 at 3pm.


Formal Request for Proposals: Professional Federal Lobbyist Services. 

9/28/16: Notice of Award: Professional Federal Lobbyist – Carpi and Clay

9/15/16: Notice of Intent to Award: Carpi & Clay for Professional Federal Lobbyist Services

8/05/16: MCDD_RFP_Professional Federal Lobbyist Services_FINAL

Closed 8.26.16 at 3pm.

Invitation to Bid: SDIC TRIP Flow Control Structure Project

7/06/16 Update (12:15pm): Notice of Award – 7.05.2016 – Stellar J_signed

6/23/16 Update (2:45pm): Notice of Intent to Award – 6.23.2016 – Stellar J_Signed

6/17/16 Update (10:05am): Addendum 3 – Final – 6.17.16

6/15/16 Update: Addendum 2 – 6.15.2016

6/8/16 Update: Addendum 1 – Final.compressed

TRIP Flow Control Structure Bid Book

TRIP-Flow Control Structure-Construction Plan Part 1

TRIP-Flow Control Structure-Construction Plan Part 2


SCADA System Services RFP: 

Notice of Intent to Award_Industrial Systems_6.1.16

SCADA RFP Pre-Proposal Summary, FAQ, and Relevant Pictures – Posted April 5, 2016

Pre-Proposal Summary, FAQ, and Relevant Pictures to SCADA RFP – 4.5.2016

Addenda 1 Posted Below on March 24, 2016

SCADA SYSTEM EVALUATION, DESIGN UPGRADE, AND UPGRADE INSTALLATION SERVICES for: Multnomah County Drainage District No.1, Peninsula Drainage District No. 1, Peninsula Drainage District No. 2, Sandy Drainage Improvement Company

NEW: Due 5:00 p.m., April 12, 2016 – Primary Contact:

The Districts are responsible for maintaining an interior drainage system of sloughs and ditches to remove stormwater. In order to do this, the Districts maintain and operate 10 pump stations via one centralized Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system.

The current SCADA system was installed between 2001 and 2002 and needs upgrades due to frequent system crashes, false alarms, low speed connection, and inaccurate data. The purpose of this project is to upgrade the current system to provide more functionality, reliability, and performance for MCDD staff to manage its stormwater conveyance system.

MCDD_RFP_SCADA system_Final

New Voluntary, Pre-Proposal Meeting from 9-10:30am at District Office and new Question Period close date of April 1, 2016.

ADDENDUM NO.1_Voluntary Pre-Proposal and New Deadline


Audit Services RFP (FY 2016-2020) (3/4/16; 8am): 

Notice of Intent to Award Now Posted (4/27/2016)

Notice of Intent to Award_James Marta and Co

Multnomah County Drainage District No. 1, Peninsula Drainage District No. 1, Peninsula Drainage District No. 2, Sandy Drainage Improvement Company, and Columbia Corridor Drainage Districts Joint Contracting Authority (JCA) are soliciting proposals for auditing services. Due at 3pm, March 24, 2016, through electronic submissions.

Click the following link for RFP Details: Audit RFP_March 2016_FINAL

Primary Contact: Brian Eberhardt,


Addendum 1 – JCA Budget (July 1, 2015 – June 30, 2016): Appendix – JCA Budget

Addendum 2 – Revised Audit Fieldwork Timeline and Audit Submission Deadlines: ADDENDUM NO.2

2014-2015 Audits:

MCDD #1: MCDD Audit 2014-15

PEN #1: PEN 1 Audit 2014-15

PEN #2: P2 Final Audit 2014-15

SDIC: SDIC Audit 2014-15

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