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Suppliers and contractors selected by the Drainage Districts provide quality goods and services at a competitive price and meet agreed upon deadlines for delivery of goods and services. Proposals and bids should be timely and include up-to-date information on your capabilities, qualifications and experience.

Procurement regulations
The Drainage Districts contracting and procurement practices are governed by Oregon’s Public Contracting Code. We award contracts through open, competitive bidding, in full compliance with all applicable regulations. See Current Requests for Proposals or Bids at the bottom of this page.


Current Requests for Proposals and Invitations to Bid:


Request for Proposals for: Columbia Corridor Joint Stormwater Infrastructure Study

Issued: June 15, 2015, revision issues July 7th 2015

Status: Proposals are currently being reviewed

The City of Portland’s Bureau of Environmental Services, the Port of Portland, Multnomah County Drainage District #1, Peninsula Drainage District #1, and Peninsula Drainage District #2 (the Jurisdictions), have overlapping jurisdiction and responsibility to manage co-mingled stormwater in the area covered by the Drainage Districts within the City of Portland.

The Jurisdictions have worked together to manage stormwater for flood risk reduction and the protection of public health, water quality and the environment. As the infrastructure ages and needs replacing, it has become apparent that ownership and responsibility for each asset needs to be more clearly defined. The stormwater infrastructure system includes pipes, ditches, open channels, water quality facilities, pump stations, flood walls, and outfalls. Many of the facilities have been built by private parties or other agencies. In several cases, the origins are unknown and the Jurisdictions do not currently have a combined inventory that clearly shows where stormwater infrastructure is located and/or the condition of the assets.

The Drainage Districts, on behalf of the Jurisdictions, are seeking proposals to provide policy and technical support and facilitation services to develop a consolidated stormwater infrastructure inventory, a gap analysis, and a guidance document outlining a process and criteria for determining ownership and maintenance responsibilities for the infrastructure. The information compiled by this project will inform how the Jurisdictions craft a new agreement to determine ownership and maintenance responsibilities.

Point of Contact: Andrew Brown, 503-281-5675 ext. 317,


Request for Proposals for: Professional Federal Lobbyist Services

Issued: June 24, 2015

Status: Preferred bidder selected. Notification of Intent to Award was issued August 5, 2015

The Multnomah County Drainage District #1, Peninsula Drainage District #1, Peninsula Drainage District #2, and Sandy Drainage Improvement Company (Districts), are responsible for managing the levees and the interior drainage system along the Columbia River, to provide flood protection to residents and businesses.

The Columbia River levee system is a federal flood protection system and is currently accredited by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). However, certification recently expired in PEN 1 and PEN 2 and is scheduled to expire in MCDD and SDIC by 2017, putting accreditation, and thus the economic future of the region at risk. The Districts are also active in the United States Army Corps of Engineers’ (USACE) Rehabilitation and Inspection Program (RIP). Recent inspections of the levees highlighted areas of concern that will need to be addressed to ensure the levees continue to provide adequate public safety. To successfully navigate through federal processes and regulations, the Districts are seeking a federal lobbyist to develop and implement a federal government affairs strategy.

The Drainage Districts are seeking proposals from qualified firms, with experience working with the US Congress, USACE, FEMA and other agencies relevant to federal flood protection and stormwater infrastructure, to provide professional federal lobbyist services. This includes, amongst others, identifying legislative and administrative issues at the federal level that impact the Districts, identifying and pursuing funding and/or grant opportunities, supporting the Districts and liaising with congressional delegation and federal agencies, and advocating on behalf of the Districts.


Point of Contact: Andrew Brown, 503-281-5675 ext. 317,


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