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SCADA System Services RFP: 

SCADA RFP Pre-Proposal Summary, FAQ, and Relevant Pictures – Posted April 5, 2016

Pre-Proposal Summary, FAQ, and Relevant Pictures to SCADA RFP – 4.5.2016

Addenda 1 Posted Below on March 24, 2016

SCADA SYSTEM EVALUATION, DESIGN UPGRADE, AND UPGRADE INSTALLATION SERVICES for: Multnomah County Drainage District No.1, Peninsula Drainage District No. 1, Peninsula Drainage District No. 2, Sandy Drainage Improvement Company

NEW: Due 5:00 p.m., April 12, 2016 – Primary Contact:

The Districts are responsible for maintaining an interior drainage system of sloughs and ditches to remove stormwater. In order to do this, the Districts maintain and operate 10 pump stations via one centralized Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system.

The current SCADA system was installed between 2001 and 2002 and needs upgrades due to frequent system crashes, false alarms, low speed connection, and inaccurate data. The purpose of this project is to upgrade the current system to provide more functionality, reliability, and performance for MCDD staff to manage its stormwater conveyance system.

MCDD_RFP_SCADA system_Final

New Voluntary, Pre-Proposal Meeting from 9-10:30am at District Office and new Question Period close date of April 1, 2016.

ADDENDUM NO.1_Voluntary Pre-Proposal and New Deadline


Audit Services RFP (FY 2016-2020) (3/4/16; 8am): 

Notice of Intent to Award Now Posted (4/27/2016)

Notice of Intent to Award_James Marta and Co

Multnomah County Drainage District No. 1, Peninsula Drainage District No. 1, Peninsula Drainage District No. 2, Sandy Drainage Improvement Company, and Columbia Corridor Drainage Districts Joint Contracting Authority (JCA) are soliciting proposals for auditing services. Due at 3pm, March 24, 2016, through electronic submissions.

Click the following link for RFP Details: Audit RFP_March 2016_FINAL

Primary Contact: Brian Eberhardt,


Addendum 1 – JCA Budget (July 1, 2015 – June 30, 2016): Appendix – JCA Budget

Addendum 2 – Revised Audit Fieldwork Timeline and Audit Submission Deadlines: ADDENDUM NO.2

2014-2015 Audits:

MCDD #1: MCDD Audit 2014-15

PEN #1: PEN 1 Audit 2014-15

PEN #2: P2 Final Audit 2014-15

SDIC: SDIC Audit 2014-15

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