Request for Proposals

Suppliers and contractors selected by the Drainage Districts provide quality goods and services at a competitive price and meet agreed upon deadlines for delivery of goods and services. Proposals and bids should be timely and include up-to-date information on your capabilities, qualifications and experience.

Procurement regulations
The Drainage Districts contracting and procurement practices are governed by Oregon’s Public Contracting Code. We award contracts through open, competitive bidding, in full compliance with all applicable regulations. See Current Requests for Proposals or Bids at the bottom of this page.


Current Requests for Proposals and Invitations to Bid:

Request for Proposals for Environmental Consulting Services

- Proposals are currently under review -

Download RFP document

Multnomah County Drainage District #1, Peninsula Drainage District #1, Peninsula Drainage District #2, and the Sandy Drainage Improvement Company are seeking proposals for qualified firms to provide environmental consulting services, including sampling and remediation services.

Deadline: Monday June 16, 2014 at 3:00 p.m.
Point of Contact: Andrew Brown, 503-281-5675 ext. 317,

Those interested in responding to this RFP should register their interest in submitting a proposal with the Point of Contact, so they can be sent any amendments or notices pertaining to the RFP document or solicitation process.

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