Development Reviews

Flood-Conscious Development

MCDD reduces flood risk by maintaining our levee system, managing drainage and responding to emergencies. As part of these responsibilities, MCDD reviews development applications for projects within the Districts’ boundaries. These reviews ensure new development does not increase the risk of flooding, and that developers are active partners in mitigating flood risk in our region.

We have a tiered review structure to provide developers with as much information and predictability as possible.  The level of review – Tier 1, 2 or 3 – is based on the project’s proximity and potential impact to flood protection systems, and the complexity of the review required. All projects start at the simplest level of review and move to more thorough review if more information is needed on potential impacts or mitigation is required.

What to Expect

The City managing your development application sends review requests to MCDD to identify any flood risk or necessary mitigation measures. In most cases, MCDD directly provides the City comments and conditions that are incorporated into the City’s final permits and no further contact or payment is required. For projects where flood risk or necessary mitigation measures are identified, MCDD will conduct a higher level of review. You will be notified if this is the case.

Please contact the appropriate city department for questions related to development in their jurisdiction.

Get in Touch

If you want to get a jumpstart, MCDD can set up a pre-application meeting to help identify potential mitigation needs early and explain submittal requirements for larger or complex projects.

For specific questions related to development near the levees or waterways within the Districts, contact Flood Control Director Bill Owen at 503.281.5675 ext. 321 or


The Districts welcome public comments during the public comment period at their public meetings or in writing. Written comments received by 5pm two days prior the public meeting will be shared at the meeting with the boards.  Upcoming meetings:

Thursday, February 15th

Thursday, March 15th

Thursday, April 19th

Public meetings are held from 11am to 1pm at the MCDD offices located at 1880 NE Elrod Drive, Portland, OR 97211. For a full list of public and landowners meetings, visit our calendar page.

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