Public Meetings

Check out our calendar to see all of our public meeting dates.

Board Meetings
A meeting of all four district boards (the Four District Management Advisory Team or 4MAT) is scheduled for the 3rd Thursday of every other month from 11am-1pm. Additional meetings of the boards are scheduled as needed.  Check the calendar to see upcoming meetings. Meeting agendas are typically posted about a week in advance of the meeting and can be found on our meeting materials page.

Annual Landowner Meetings
Each district is required by law to hold an annual landowner meeting. Board elections take place at these meetings. This is the opportunity for landowners to vote for who sits on their Districts’ board to guide District management and approve annual budgets including landowner assessments, among other important tasks. Check the calendar for this year’s landowners meeting exact date. The 2018 Landowner Meeting dates are:

MCDD: March 15th
PEN 1: July 19th
PEN 2: October 18th
SDIC: June 28th

Contracting and Procurement Meetings
In addition to the four district boards, the districts have two other boards, the Local Contract Review Board and the Joint Contracting Authority.

The Local Contract Review Board is responsible for setting contracting and procurement rules for the districts. They meet as needed to review contracting and procurement issues. The Local Contract Review Board has one member from each of the four districts, plus one at-large member.

The Joint Contracting Authority  was created to manage contracts and budgets for projects that have financial requirements and service benefits for more than one of the districts managed by MCDD. The Joint Contracting Authority has one member from each of the four districts, plus one at-large member. The Joint Contracting Authority currently serves as the budgeting and contracting board for Levee Ready Columbia. The FY 2016-2017 approved budget for the Joint Contracting Authority can be found here.

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