System Mowing Schedule

Levee and Conveyance Mowing
The vegetation on the levees is an important part of levee performance during high water and heavy rain events. MCDD uses an integrated approach to maintain the most useful vegetation on the levees which includes an annual mowing of the levee systems and conveyance systems (ditches). Each year our mowing follows the same general schedule.

Early June   Levee mowing at the MCDD office
Late June   Start PEN 1 levee system
Early July   Finish PEN 1, start PEN 2 levee system
Mid-July   Start MCDD, mow levee system going west to east. Mow Broughton Beach before August.
August   Hand trim of PEN 2 Bridgeton levee segment
Mid-August   Finish MCDD, start SDIC levee system
Late August   Start ditch mowing in SDIC working west through the 4 Districts
Early October   Finish ditch mowing in PEN 1 & PEN 2

The MCDD mowing season starts in mid-June at the MCDD office and heads west into PEN 2, for a moment, and directly into PEN 1 by late June. The levees in PEN 1 and PEN 2 depend more on grass for erosion protection so they are mowed first so the grass has time to grow before winter. Most levee mowing in PEN 1 is scheduled to be finished by the first week in July, wrapping up with the Columbia River levee segment. The PEN 2 levee segment along Schmeer Road is mowed next and then we systematically mow all the levees in PEN 2, with the exception of the Bridgeton Road levee.  The vegetation on the Bridgeton Road levee requires special care because of the extremely steep banks and is scheduled for a hand trim in August.  After the PEN 2 levee system is completed, we begin on the MCDD levee system in mid-July. Broughton Beach will be mowed by August for natural resource considerations. The MCDD levee system is mowed systematically from west to east, finishing at the SDIC border in mid- to late August. The SDIC levee system is then mowed last.  After the SDIC levee system is complete, we will begin mowing ditches.  This process starts in SDIC, working west through all four districts ending in PEN 1. We will work to complete all ditch mowing by the first week of October to assure the conveyance systems are in good shape moving into the winter storm season.

System Mowing MapQuestions about our flood management system mowing schedule? Please contact our Operations Manager Josh McNamee at 503-281-5675 x 310 or

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